Shreyashi writes · February 26, 2022 0


Fate, you hold the power, to shape our destiny, To guide us on a path, often unclear and twisty

I’d blame you for the love, that slipped through my fingers,
And moments of joy, that time so quickly lingers.

I’d blame you for the pain, that I couldn’t comprehend, For the emptiness that lingers, never coming to an end

Of loneliness I couldn’t bear, of changes I couldn’t face, Of words I never spoke, and grief I couldn’t embrace

Of insecurities that weighed me down, of fears I couldn’t overcome, Of affirmations left unsaid, and questions left undone.

For the questions unspoken, that never found a voice, For the unexpressed grief, leaving me without a choice

I’d blame you a hundred times over, but it wouldn’t be enough, For taking away the one thing, that made life feel less rough, The one thing I’ve loved so much, sought for so long, But I’ll keep moving forward, singing my own song.