Thoughts · March 1, 2021 2


You open your eyes and you sense the hollowness in your heart. The world has always been a bundle of acrylics to you and you are the hollow white canvas, who at whatever condition moulds itself to fit in. The world painted you red and you thought that’s how delight looks like. The world painted you black and you thought that’s how you should live. And then the world painted you green, you thought that’s the best you can ever be. You forgot that you have a choice of billions of colors before you. Your eyes are covered with the reminiscences of color people painted you with and your heart is already heavy carrying the loads.

Life took you to different places with different colors and you accustomed. They said white is peace and you believed, they said dark is painful and you accepted. Almighty gave you eyes but your vision has always been defined by the people around you.

You are resplendent but with the colors that they chose for you. You wandered through one place to another, one person to another and now, all you are left with the void that was once resided by something. You close your eyes and all you see is a kaleidoscopic patterns of colors you have acclimated yourself with. Colors of self doubts, colors of broken dreams, colors of lost hopes and faiths, colors of guilts and regrets, colors of unrequited feelings. With the fear of being left out, you have consumed a ton of unpreffered colors and each of them portrays times when you lost parts of you just to be a part of this world. How hard it has become for you to accept and choose your real self over a hundred million camouflages?

To you who has buried your reality inside the realities of world,

For once, forget all the colors you have swallowed and see the ample sky with your bare and raw eyes. Before the world assigns you a new color, take a pause and find out how your rainbow looks like. In the world which constantly tries to paint you with its color, for one time, have an audacity to paint yourself with the color you want to see through your eyes. For you are the true incharge of what color you want to see in the world.