Shreyashi writes · February 26, 2022 0


The rain has just defeated the gloom, and you promised me to be back before the storm, but you never came and my hopes have drenched

You promised to return before the sunset, but the sun has gone and you are late; now the light in my heart is completely fade

You told me you’d return before the birds flew back to their homes, but you’re too late, and there’s nothing left but miserable night and me; alone

It’s a frigid, dark night, and you promised to warm my heart, but you’re not there and the candles that enlightened me once, burned my dreams, and my heart aches from the flames

The night has arrived, as has the moon, and the stars are weeping my tears, but you, you my love are still not there

I just got up and went to the patio with the safe roof, cause the chair where I was waiting for you has paled and broken and the rain there was stormy and strong.

It was a long climb, but I had no choice. I now stand under the roof of hope, and I’m there
My eyes, my eyes, are still staring down to the spot where I waited, where you left, in the darkness, and the flame;

The stairs back are too long and too far; my legs are tired of the distance; and then there’s the fence I can’t surpass

If you don’t know, my darling, I waited much too long and I loved much too hard