Thoughts · May 4, 2023 0

Love it is, Love is it?

Love, like a river, flows with its own tide
But by your side it shall always abide
No pledge to pluck stars from above,
Yet it shall light your life with warmest love.

Agree or disagree, it will always respect
Your opinions and thoughts, it shall never neglect
In the rain or sunshine, it shall be your mate
With you, in darkest moment, it shall patiently wait

Through the joys and sorrows, love will hold your hand,
Through the chaos and storms, it will firmly stand.

Late in its arrival, yet eternal in its hue,
A surreal force that transcends, forever anew.

Through the roads of life, love shall be your light
A beacon of hope, shining ever so bright
It will mend your wounds, and heal your soul
With tenderness and care, making you whole

In life’s grand journey, love shall be your guide
A companion for all time, a friend by your side
It will bring you joy and mirth, with laughter and glee
And also sorrow and pain, but it will never flee

For in love’s embrace, there’s no need to hide
From the trials of life, or the rough seas to ride
With love as your compass, you’ll never be lost
And with each passing day, your love shall emboss