Thoughts · September 3, 2020 0

Growing up!

Growing up, cornea of my eyes didn’t change its size but changed my vision to perceive the colors before my eyes.

The chroma of the candies that my dad used to offer and how I used to run into him like a car in rush runs after receiving the green signal. Now dad will still give me colorful candies but I prefer the dark one instead.

Back then I used to fight with my sister for the pink dress over the black one that mom brought us from one of her trips. Now we will want to buy the darkest and dullest color while laughing uncontrollably over the colors we fought for.

The shades of lipstick I wore were nearly the most colorful and brightest in the world but like how a cloth dried in sun for long looses it’s color, intensity of white increased in my choice of the shades day after day.

Snatching the cone shaped fruity juice from my brother after finishing mine cause’ the orange colored water added up happiness in me. Reluctantly it is now nothing but a piece of junk that adds up calories while the dark coffee supposedly soothes my mind.

How compliments from a  circle of friends having radius 100 metres made me blush with that orchid pink color in the cheeks. As orchid pink downed to champagne pink blush, 100 metres circle downed to a straight line of 50 centimeters.

Myriads of stars and the blackness of the night scared me and I used to wrap myself up in daddy’s lap. I outgrew daddy’s lap and the blackness engendered white peace inside my soul.

How I chosed remotely texted, fully colorful and animated story books over others while now if the 355 pages book contains 7 animated and colorful pictures, I will just bother to touch the texted 348 black and white ones.

I saw a ‘life far from family’ as how the ‘life of flowers’ in spring looks; jolly and colorful. Now I wait to go back home like the trees wait for autumn to end and it’s greenery to rejuvenate. I seldom see eye to eye with the old me. 

Color of gold was what I thought to be of utmost value while in real the nebulous and dull colored lessons from my red-faced parents about the black side of the world were.

I did envisage to become the whitest souled creature ever until I realized life is a combined reaction of both sunshine and rainfall. When there’s sunshine the days will be white when there’ll be rain, rusting is certain and so is the stain.

‌I used to think touching the blue sky above me is the most difficult thing to attain until I realized to maintain greenery and vibrancy around me is.

‌Time changed and so did the chroma around me while one thing always remained constant; love inside my heart; always white and bright.