Literature · September 3, 2020 0


I was an obstinate and firm tree standing blithely, unaware of the wilt I could face and he was a cool breeze of air that brought drops of ambrosia along and got me.
I laid my eyes upon stuffs just as how a water drop resides on the leaves of Lotus; to the surface, while he had sights that looked thoroughly into the essence of everything his eyes resided upon, just as sugar syrup penetrates into the croissant when dipped.
I was a lost wanderer with plethora of paths layouted before me while he had already been standing there for long; inspecting and eliminating paths and I stood alongside.
Underneath the calm face, he too had concealed vulnerabilities but they barely bursted out of his head while mine were monstrous as well as contagious.
Unpredictable and sporadic yet his words; calm, meticulous and patient, as if he had prepared them days ago. Contrarily, I spoke words that were actually prepared days ago yet created a chaos out of nervousness.
While I talked about all the necessary as well as unnecessary stuffs that ever existed, he spoke as if he had got limited words in supply and used only that are absolutely necessary.
I was planted in ground with determined vision in a single direction while he had his feet on the ground, head on the clouds and hands over his work.
He was an observant with astute attention to detail while I was a retentive person who never forgets details unravelled before her.

I cared for feelings while he cared for honesty and as intense love was my cup of tea, real love was his.
While I get myself attached and stucked to things I come across, he assimilates part of everything he confronts within him and moves forward in life.
Diverse yet connected by dots of fate that weaved a beautiful and imperishable pattern in my life.

As serene as the cool breeze of air in scorching summer, he left a feeling of peace behind as he went through my subtle world. A feeling that is inexplicable, a feeling that comes upon once in a lifetime, a feeling which people feel forever grateful for.