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Dear Hopeless guy,
It has been a long time since I saw you or heard from you. I just have some blurred visions of your face while we met for the last time, where I stared at you for 1556th and perhaps the last time (probably with exasperating looks) yet out of nothing but love. I feel relieved with the fact that I had no idea at all it was going to be our last meet cause’ if I had, I would have ruined it too. I always knew there’s an end impending to every inception but for once I denied the undeniable and believed ours will be forever. There are things I want to thank you for and there are other things that I want to whine about.
First of all,
Whilst in the world of disguise, things that captivated me were benevolence and fidelity and you have been perfect personifications of these two words. You endured there like a sky in my enmeshed and unkempt world, always overhead to me wherever I go and whichever turning life brings before me. For my eyes have always found you beautiful in every plight, be it blue-cloudy sunny day, be it underneath overcasting dark clouds or be it hefty rain day. You had my heart in the dawns when you were bright and sharp and equally when you were in the gloomy and melancholic dusk. And all those times, whenever I’d felt alone I always had this notion in my head to look around and find you. The negative connotation I’d associated with this love thing my whole life faded the very moment I fell in love with you. It happened to me as beautifully as spring happens to butterflies and rainfall happens to newly sowed seeds. Whenever my world had turned upside down just a sense of your presence had set everything to their apt places. I’d spent all those 25 years impersonating someone else while you always knew what’s exactly underneath the face guard I had wrapped myself in. You taught, you held, you amended, you offered, you shared, you cared, you cured, you stayed and most importantly you listened. You were sophisticated and beyond my speculations meanwhile you were as simple as a pie and simply gorgeous to behold. I want you to know that all those wounds that you antisepted have molded themselves into beautiful scars, much to my delight. You looked like love and almost were one. I could continue illustrating this love and gratitude I’ve for you my whole lifetime and that wouldn’t even be sufficient. I can just pray all the finest things to come your way and fill every void inside of you just as once you did mine. All the setbacks and comebacks, triumphs and defeats I witnessed with you are embedded deep in my heart through where there’s no escape out.

Second of all, you understood every stuff but barely noticed the surge of agony I felt when you said you feel like leaving. The words that remained unspoken just because I couldn’t gather courage to speak them out loud, you, you were supposed to figure them out. I kept waiting and waiting but never once in all these years did I get a single clue of your whereabouts. You came like a soothing air breeze while left like an Earthquake that shattered my poise.
I was counting days for you to come back until I realized it is vanity to count the stars with full consiousness about the ampleness of the sky. If not here, I hope I meet you in some other world where you won’t just stop by but stay. Where the smiles in my face won’t just arrive but perpetuate.

I’m writing this so that I could at least get some semblances of peace amidst the reality of life. Hope you’ll read this and remember me forever.

Love indeed is a two-way word, but I definitely lived you!

Hope, believe, live
-Sky Davis.

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